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Dragon – Tiger Explanation

Dragon Tiger is another game that popular because it is not complicated to play. The basic rule of Dragon Tiger is to choose either side to bet between Tiger or Dragon, choose which side to get card with more points. By each side will get card only one, the cards K will have the most points while cards A will have the least points.

How to play Dragon Tiger

Rules of the Dragon Tigers, select bets on Tiger or Dragon. Measured from the point on the card. Bet Tie (same points), win when both points are equal. Bet Even-Odd, Red-Black can be bet for both Dragon and Tiger. Bet Even-Odd measured from the point on the card while bet Red-Black measured from the kind of cards, Spade and Club is Black, Heart and Diamond is Red (bet Even-Odd, Red-Black can be bet in first 50 games only). Dragon Tiger counting, Card A = 1 point, Card J = 11 points, Card Q = 12 points, Card K = 13 points and other Cards is count as the point on the cards.

Dragon Tiger Payment on different types of bet. If Dragon and Tiger has equal points, Player will lose half of stake. The various bets payment as follow:

How to bet

Player cannot bet Tiger and Dragon at the same time. You can read the results in the table below.

Bargain Rate
TIGERTiger has more points than Dragon, Tiger is the winner1 : 1
DRAGONDragon has more points than Tiger, Dragon is the winner1 : 1
TIETiger and Dragon has equal points1 : 8
TEVENTiger has Even points (2,4,6,8,10,12)1 : 1.05
TODDTiger has Odd points (1,3,5,7,9,11,13)1 : 0.75
TREDTiger has the kind of Red card (Heart and Diamond)1 : 0.95
TBLACKTiger has the kind of Black card (Spade and Club)1 : 0.95
DEVENDragon has Even points (2,4,6,8,10,12)1 : 1.05
DODDDragon has Odd points (1,3,5,7,9,11,13)1 : 0.75
DREDDragon has the kind of Red card (Heart and Diamond)1 : 0.90
DBLACKDragon has the kind of Black card (Spade and Club)1 : 0.90
PAIRTiger and Dragon has equal points and same kind of card1 : 11